The current pandemic condition has resulted in a significant demand for devices that can monitor the   quality   of   the   air   and   its  potential  for  virus  transfer.  People  are  concerned  about  the environment within which they live and/or work. Is it SAFE or NOT?

Viruses (such as Coronavirus) are known to  transmit  through  droplets  generated  by  an  infected person  when   that  person  talks  or  coughs.  Another  major  pandemic  may  paralyze  the  global economy. A Handheld Technology can check if there are significant amounts of droplets in  the  air, which  indicates  the  potential   for  virus  transmission.  Currently,  there  is  no  simple  method  of checking whether there are a  significant  number  of  droplets  or  specific  particles  of  pollens  or spores in an environment. None of the existing air quality testers can  identify  droplets  from  other particles, such as dust particles. There is an urgent market demand  due  to  the  health,  economic, and emotional effects of pandemics as well as urban living conditions. Another  application  of  our device is to test the quality of face masks. Our device allows individuals to test the  quality  of  their masks.